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animal reiki articles

How Reiki Heals Animals

By Nicole Dingwell – Animal Wellness Magazine

What Is Reiki And How Does It Work?

Every organism has Universal Life Force flowing through it to create a living, functioning being. Reiki practitioners are attuned to this energy on a level that enables them to channel it through their hands and facilitate healing. The Universal Life Force flows more freely through them and into and through the patient, where it adjusts imbalances that create disease, pain, emotional distress and illness. The energy essentially reminds the tissues and/or the emotions of their purest state of health.


Animals Often Help With Their Treatment

An animal’s reaction to Reiki can vary from falling asleep to being fidgety and restless, or getting up and moving around. Some animals focus intently on the practitioner’s hands and may even lick them, trying to get the energy out. Others will adjust their position under the hands to better utilize the treatment. Some will even learn to recognize a Reiki practitioner and seek out treatments from them.

“The animals always show their appreciation to me in some way,” says Rhonda Sherry, a Reiki practitioner based in California. “It might be as simple as a lick, or as sweet as a horse playing with my hair while I treat his knee.” Any response is the correct one for that animal. The Reiki will go where it needs to go.

What Reiki Can Do

It’s important to remember that while Reiki is a very strong force, it is not a substitute for proper veterinary care. Unless licensed as a vet, a Reiki practitioner does not diagnose illness. She simply facilitates the healing and relief that Reiki can bring.

“Reiki works as an effective complement to other healing systems, accelerating the action of other therapies and decreasing side effects,” notes Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad of the Animal Reiki Center in the San Francisco Bay area.

Miracles Do Happen!

Tumours have disappeared, chronic illnesses have cleared up, and irrational fears or behaviour patterns have adjusted themselves. If there are visual symptoms such as swelling, it is not unusual to see them lessen during and after treatment. Pain relief is perhaps the most common result – Reiki often decreases pain levels, easing movement and/or increasing range of motion.

Reiki can also ease emotional issues such as separation anxiety, phobias, or distress stemming from trauma. Dawn Starnes of Dogs by D in Maine uses Reiki as part of everyday interaction with the animals in her kennel and grooming shop. She uses it to ease anxiety associated with the grooming process, or to soothe separation anxiety, lack of appetite and homesickness in boarding dogs.

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How Reiki Heals Animalshealing connections

Reiki and the Aggressive Dog: Creating Healing Connections

By Kathleen Prasad – Originally published in Dogs Naturally Magazine, September/October 2010

Aggression, like any other physical or emotional issue a dog may face, is, from an energetic perspective, simply an imbalance in the dog’s energetic state. As energetic balance is regained, the symptoms of the issue improve. When the dog reaches a fully balanced state, aggression disappears. In this article, I’d like to introduce the idea that Reiki can be a wonderful way to support a dog on the road to recovery from aggression.

When an aggressive dog allows himself to fully relax, he can open to the possibility of peace within himself, the place where healing can begin, and can take the first steps on the road to becoming a balanced dog.

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Reiki and the Aggressive Dog…

Reiki: What Animals Can Tell Us

By Ann Baldwin

I think animals can teach us a lot about Reiki because they provide an authentic response that is not masked by skepticism or falsely enhanced by positive expectations.

Horses’ Response to Reiki

Horses allow Reiki to work on them to promote natural healing and bring them back to balance if needed. Some horses actively seek out Reiki once they have got used to receiving it from a particular practitioner, while others are less assertive and may prefer to receive Reiki from a distance.

In this way, animals retain a large degree of control over their own process of healing, including how much Reiki they will take and under what circumstances. Their intake of Reiki energy is minutely calibrated moment to moment.

dog relaxing

Dogs’ Response to Reiki

For horses and dogs, Reiki produces profound relaxation. Horses manifest this relaxation by licking, chewing, lowering their heads and closing their eyes. Often they ‘lean’ into the energy.

Dogs stop moving, sit down, lie down, close their eyes and lower their heads in front of them on the ground.

Dogs, like horses, only produce authentic responses and will not accept the energy unless they are ready for it. This is consistent with the teaching that Reiki only goes where it is needed so that it can bring the body back to balance.

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Reiki: What Animals Can Tell Us

Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing for Pets

by By Jill M. Jackson – OMTimes Magazine, December 2012

It is becoming more common that the “clients” receiving the treatments are dogs, cats, horses, and even sanctuary farm animals!  Reiki has been shown to assist animals in several main circumstances.  The first beneficial use of animal Reiki is when a precious companion animal becomes sick.

Reiki is a great complement to traditional veterinarian treatment, as the energy healing for the animals provides deep relaxation and balance, which has been shown to help with muscular aches, pains, back problems and strains.

Offering Comfort and Support in the Last Days

The one benefit that is the most difficult to contemplate is Reiki Healing for our pets that have become terminally ill and are in the last remaining stages of their earth life. Reiki offers an opportunity to show our animals gratitude for the unconditional love and companionship they gave us, their guardians, during their lives.  Reiki provides comfort and ease as our fur babies prepare to cross over.

Assist in the Process of Adopting a Furry Friend

Many rescue animals have been severely neglected or abused. The energy healing not only provides each animal with pure balanced loving Universal energy which pulsates through their body, but this approach also provides an opportunity to re-establish trust with these wounded souls.  It is encouraged for anyone who has decided to add a rescue companion animal to the family, to engage the services of a reputable animal Reiki practitioner who will bring balance to your new family member which in turn provides stress relief and relaxation. The Reiki energy assists in integrating the adopted animal with your family.

Reiki Rabbit

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Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing…


How Reiki Energy Can Help Dogs in Many Different Ways

By Tim Link

separation anxiety

Reiki Helps your Pets Cope with Separation Anxiety

Another practical use for Reiki is to assist with separation anxiety that a dog may experience when you’re away from home and they’re left at home or boarded away from their home. Many of my clients use my Reiki services in this fashion, even if their dog is doing well otherwise. As a side benefit, knowing that their dog is calm while they are away, it helps ease the mind of the human companion while they’re traveling. When they arrive home, they find their dog to be well-adjusted and at ease. No longer do they worry about the dog’s routine being changed or any unexpected behaviors transpiring while they’re away.

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How Reiki Energy Can Help Dogs…


animal rescue

The Five Precepts, Animal Rescue

By Kathleen Prasad

When using Reiki to heal a dog, for example, the practitioner simply sets an intention to facilitate the healing process of the dog and then allows Reiki to flow in whatever amount the dog wishes to receive and for whatever he or she needs most.

Reiki is ideal for use with animals because effectiveness is not dependent upon physical contact. The animal controls the treatment, accepting Reiki in the ways that are most comfortable, either hands-on or from a distance, or a combination of the two.

Easy for anyone to learn and use, Reiki can do no harm, even when used by the most novice practitioner. It always goes to the deepest source of the problem and always supports a path toward balance and harmony. Since we often don’t know a rescued animal’s past, with Reiki we can simply allow the energy to flow where it will, knowing that a healing shift toward balance will occur.

Scientific Study

Reiki Improves Heart Rate Homeostasis in Laboratory Rats

Baldwin, A. L., Wagers, C., & Schwartz, G. E. (2008). Reiki improves heart rate homeostasis in laboratory rats. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 14(4), 417-422.

A recent study by Baldwin, Wagers, and Schwartz (2008) was carried out to determine whether the application of Reiki to noise-stressed rats can reduce their heart rates and blood pressures.

The study by Baldwin and team provides evidence of physiological response to Reiki treatment, independent of existing beliefs of Reiki. This is possible because noise-stressed rats were used as an animal model to test the efficacy of Reiki in reducing elevated heart rate and blood pressure. The design of the study naturally controlled for existing beliefs or skepticism regarding Reiki, a variable that could be present in human participants and may encumber experimental interpretations.

Results of the Study

It was found that Reiki, but not sham Reiki, significantly reduced heart rates compared to initial values, suggesting a homeostatic effect. The study also demonstrated that Reiki, but not sham Reiki significantly reduced the rise in heart rate produced by exposure of the rats to loud noise.

It was concluded that Reiki is effective in modulating heart rate in stressed and unstressed rats, supporting its use as a stress-reducer in humans.

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