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Reiki can help encourage the flow of positive energies, promote harmony, and balance out the negatives in any situation.


Have you been caught in a situation where anything you did seemed futile? Do you find yourself in a circumstance where waiting seems like the only thing you can do?

In times when difficult issues happen and we feel helpless, distressed, worried and down, some people find it comforting to talk to their friends and family, some people pray and meditate, every person finds their own means to release emotions and frustrations with the hope of feeling better.

Here at A Reiki Moment, we hope to share the gift of Reiki, to offer positive healing energy to everyone and anyone – with the intention to support you through the concerns you are dealing with.

Reiki creates an environment of balance, positive energy, good feelings and brings clarity to concerns and situations.

Although Reiki doesn’t work to solve all concerns at the snap of a finger like magic, it certainly encourages the flow of positive energies, creates harmony, uplifts, and balances out the negatives in a situation.

Open your heart to the positive vibrations of this wonderful healing energy… feel uplifted, feel better!

Reiki healing is the best gift you can give yourself & the people you love…

Reiki is guided by positive intention, and always works to heal and support you for your highest good. 

This means that Reiki helps each person and situation uniquely every time. The outcome of Reiki would be appropriate for an individual in ways that makes sense only to them.

As Reiki works for the greater good of any concern all the time, any outcome is by no means guaranteed but certainly always appropriate for this moment. 

In Reiki, one will see that anything that does not make sense right now will eventually – things just happen to fall right into place!

You can offer to send Reiki to any situation, from individual day to day concerns to global concerns like natural disasters or war. You could offer to send Reiki to a friend in need of healing during a messy divorce or send Reiki for the sale of a house to the right buyers.

Anything that you are concern about, Reiki can help.

There’s a saying in the Reiki community, when in doubt about what to do, send Reiki!

Reiki brings a wonderful calming energy to a situation that is likely stressful for the individuals involved.

To give you an idea, here are some concerns that people have Reiki-ed!

  • Business mergers
  • Examination anxiety
  • Business meetings
  • Issues surrounding employment
  • Important presentations at work
  • Wedding day stress & anxiety
  • Family members in surgery
  • House-hunting process
  • Family disputes
  • Stress from traveling
  • Relationship issues
  • Click here to discover more areas where Reiki can help!
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Reiki Sessions and Standard Rates for Concerns

For 1 session


Distance Healing

½ hour session


Distance Healing

1 hour session

Subsequent ½ hour $55

Reiki Treatment Value Packages – 3 Sessions


Package of 3

½ hour session

X 3


Package of 3

1 hour session

X 3


Package of 3

1½ hour session

X 3


Package of 3

2 hour session

X 3

*Available for only distance healing.

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  3. Alternatively, you may give us a call, or drop us a SMS/WhatsApp.
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