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Reiki Practitioner, Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

Certified in the Reiki Method of Life Energy Renewal according to the original Usui method as authorized by Barbara McGregor.

about-imageMelissa is a level II Reiki Practitioner at A Reiki Moment, based in Singapore. She has been practicing Reiki since 2005. Before A Reiki Moment, Melissa offered Reiki assistance to her friends, loved ones, animals, and anyone who seemed in need of healing, stress relief, and balance. Her dedication to Reiki can be seen whenever she shares about the numerous benefits of Reiki and how it has touched the lives of so many. She would always say that “Reiki is such a joy to share about – I can go on all day!”

In the years leading to her professional Reiki practice, Melissa has shared the gift of Reiki with many people and animals. With time and daily practice it became clear to Melissa that helping people and animals through Reiki is exactly what she has been meant to do. She hopes to spread the gift of Reiki with as many people as she can. Sharing Reiki fulfils her hopes as a child, to help others and make a difference in a unique and personal way.

Reiki has been Melissa’s constant support through life’s encounters and through her journey of personal and spiritual growth. It is Melissa’s life dream to share the message of feeling good within, and support others on their journey to clarity, balance, and joy through the guidance of Reiki.

Melissa’s Reiki Story

Hi everyone, my name is Melissa and I am a Reiki practitioner at A Reiki Moment. Before becoming a practitioner at A Reiki Moment, I practiced Reiki daily on myself, my loved ones, friends, and also animals that I had come into contact with. Still today, whenever I sense that someone is in need of a helping hand, I would offer to help in a way that I am familiar with, through the healing energy of Reiki.

I have complete trust that Reiki would help any person and situation in ways that is appropriate for them to feel better and find some relief. For me, this is my greatest motivation, to see the little and big shifts in an individual’s state of being after receiving this wonderful energy.

Reiki has always been the answer that comes to my mind in every circumstance, when there is pain to relieve, stress to manage, conflict to work through, or healing to take place. From the very beginning it was clear to me the benefits Reiki could bring to every person, animal, or situation.

Practicing Reiki on myself and others over the last decade has strengthened my belief in the healing and balancing properties of Reiki and the gifts it brings to both myself, the Reiki channel and the recipient. With each and every day, my belief in Reiki only grows stronger.

My hope and wish is that through the healing energy of Reiki, each person and animal I cross paths with may experience better, healthier, and happier lives.

What fulfills me on this journey is the joyful experience of seeing light, peace, and love radiating from people and animals that have received Reiki, even if it were for only one moment, the moment is precious to me. I hope that through the guidance of Reiki, together we can walk the path of balance, fulfillment, and happiness.

To me, A Reiki Moment is purely this, a moment of joy through Reiki – relax and rebalance with Reiki!

Melissa’s mother is her inspiration
Melissa and Reiki II


Melissa’s Pure Usui Reiki Lineage

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