Reiki practitioner, Melissa really knows her craft and I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed when I entered the Reiki Moment studio. Melissa openly shared with me how Reiki could help my situation and I felt at ease the moment I heard her share. The entire Reiki session was filled with calm & joy & I look forward to another session soon. Highly recommended. ūüôā
I have several Reiki moment experiences rendered by Melissa in the past year. All sessions were relaxing and effective. A 15 minute session makes me feel like I have a good one hour nap. A short session on my tired eyes helps relieve the eye pressure and refreshes me. 
I felt incredibly light and relaxed after a 90-minute session at Melissa’s Reiki studio. It was a wonderful feeling! Reiki also helped to release the tension in my body and I slept very well that night. Having a relaxing Reiki session a day before an important business meeting was also exactly what I needed.
My Reiki experience was truly comfortable and relaxing. Melissa patiently explained to me about Reiki and what to expect as far as healing goes. After my Reiki session, I notice that I sleep better. Rather than experiencing the usual interrupted sleep, I find that I am sleeping soundly through the night. These days I awake feeling rested and energized!
Melissa is an extremely professional practitioner and the Reiki studio is well set up with an ambience that is both calming and relaxing. I always leave the session feeling lighter and more energized! I would urge anyone who has not experienced a Reiki session before to try it! Experience what a good dose of positive energy can do for you and your loved ones.
I have engaged Melissa’s Reiki services from hands-on to distance healing and either way it works perfectly well. Distance Reiki (for concerns) is a great help when I need to give an important presentation at work. Reiki energy always helps to calm my nervous energy during the presentation, enabling me to perform optimally.
I believe that Melissa really helped to save our cat who was diagnosed as having bone cancer then. The vet said that our cat had to be immediately put down as she was not eating and was very lethargic. To our surprise, after a few consecutive days of Reiki, our cat started eating and she slowly regained her strength. It was really a blessing! The vet was speechless!
Engaging A Reiki Moment for important business meetings and business proposals have been an ongoing arrangement for me and a huge blessing. For me, Reiki-ing business meetings set the meeting in the right tone and energy. I always feel calm going into my meetings and have confidence that with the help of Reiki, my meetings will proceed smoothly. I trust that whatever outcome is always for the highest good. I will definitely recommend A Reiki Moment to my friends and business associates.
I haven’t taken a break from work for close to 3 years and I was feeling so heavy and stressed out. I decided to engage Melissa’s Reiki service. She really knows her stuff and after a hands-on session I managed to clear my mind and I feel so much lighter. I can also focus better now. I will definitely recommend A Reiki Moment to my friends and family.
I’ve heard about Reiki before and had my skepticisms, but I can’t deny the peace, tranquility, the ‘tingling’ and floating sensation where all my stress, aches and joint pains (I have frequent neck and back aches) just disappear whenever I undergo a session with Practitioner Melissa in the Reiki studio. It’s indescribable and it never fails to help me feel both mentally and physically refreshed after that. I guess the extremely relaxing and cozy ambiance in the Reiki studio definitely helps as well!
Highly Recommended! Melissa is an excellent Reiki healer and an awesome and loving Soul! Melissa is very dedicated in her passion to assist healing in a form of Reiki. Melissa is kind and humble. Have done Reiki in person and distance healing for myself and my daughter. Felt immediate results! Anyone who seeks a holistic approach for healing at a physical, emotional and mental state, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A Reiki Moment with Melissa. I confidently recommend Melissa and will continue to do my Reiki healing with Melissa! God bless Melissa whose gifted with healing.
Reiki practitioner, Melissa is amazing at her craft! I was suffering from a sudden surge of anxiety when I first met her. After the session I felt my anxiety melt away and I felt myself again! Her Reiki studio is very homely and welcoming! I strongly urge anyone who is having a hard time to try Melissa’s Reiki!
I had Reiki sessions with Melissa.¬†I find the sessions calming and gentle.¬†She is very warm and accommodating. It’s¬†always a joy speaking to her and I feel¬†a sense of tranquility after.¬†I feel myself improving with each passing¬†day; most importantly, to live in the present¬†and not to dwell on the past.
It’s still very mystical to me how distance Reiki works. I can feel the strong effects of hands-on Reiki from my previous Reiki sessions with A Reiki Moment, but I wasn’t sure about distance Reiki. I decided to give distance Reiki a shot nonetheless during a recent stressful period at work when I was entering some difficult conversations/negotiations. I basically just informed my Reiki practitioner Melissa on the time and location of the negotiation. I have to admit that there was an unmistakable sense of calm (which I usually do not feel), and I felt sharp and focused during the meeting, which is certainly not an easy task for me. In the end true enough, the meeting went better than expected and throughout the whole time I just had that sense of serenity and assurance that nothing will go wrong. It’s difficult to describe but it’s like I felt a positive shield around me. I would definitely recommend anyone who is about to handle any crucial meetings/tasks to give distance Reiki from A Reiki Moment a try!
I’ve been receiving Reiki from Melissa since 2018. Melissa is a very warm and caring practitioner who takes the time to check in on how you’re feeling after each session. I would recommend going to her for treatment if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or in need of some emotional healing.
I’m grateful to have found A Reiki Moment. A Reiki session with Melissa comes to mind whenever I need that extra to cope with anxiety and complex emotions that arise in my life, especially so on my IVF journey. I started my reiki journey with Melissa with distance Reiki. A session with her leaves me with a good night’s sleep and confidence to take on the world, often with a realisation of something deeper. She has this innate understanding and empathy to pick up on my emotions through our reiki session and conversation. Her advice and alternative perspective towards issues are assuring and inspiring at the same time. If time allows, I highly recommend in-person session. Seeing her is an affirmation to that kindness and empathetic energy I felt through our distance communication. Her humble studio is so peaceful, almost like a safe place to face your vulnerable inner self without being judged. Her reiki sessions are just magical. I leave her sessions with that inner peace I was seeking for, and I know the effect is going to be amplified in time to come. For supporting me through all of these tough times and what is to come, Thanks Melissa..
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