How does Reiki clear energy blocks?

about reiki and reiki benefitsAll of us, humans and animals are beings of energy. When we are full of life force energy, we experience vitality, good health, and a sense of well-being. This is when we feel our best.

However as years go on, blocks and resistance may develop which hinders this flow of energy that comes naturally to all of us when we were young. When there is blockage in energy flow surrounding any aspect of self, this creates a sense of disharmony and affects well-being on all levels.

Energy blocks that develop over time may be physical, such as from illness or injuries, mental, such as limiting beliefs or stress, and emotional, such as from unresolved emotions, anxiety or trauma. When lodged within the body on a cellular level, blocked energies can lead to imbalances or illness down the road. In essence, the root of illness begins in your energy field and is a reflection of imbalance happening in an aspect of your life.

Reiki helps to clear these energy blocks in a gentle way, allowing life force energy to flow freely which can help in the prevention of physical ailments and diseases. With time, releasing blocked energy can help to restore the feeling of peace and harmony, and enhance overall well-being.

Blockage of energy flow throughout the body also slows down the body’s internal healing system. When the rate of healing slows down, the body takes a longer time to repair and recover from illness or injury. By increasing the flow of life force energy and clearing blocked energies, Reiki therapy speeds up the body’s innate ability to heal, and restores the body to its optimum self-healing capacity.

Reiki can have an effect on all types of negative conditions and illnesses, from small discomforts like headaches to larger concerns such as cancer. It can help reduce anxiety, and assist with the side effects of treatments. Whether your concerns are physical, emotional, stress-related, or traumatic, Reiki therapy can often help you in a very gentle and calming way.

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